The Wheel Of
Conscious Creation


The Wheel of Conscious Creation was formed as a community outreach ministry in a visioning session held on May 17, 2008 when 33 women came together in Lakewood Ranch Town Hall to explore ways they could help each other and other members of the community.


We are a gathering of people dedicated to the idea that we create the kind of world in which we wish to live. We are a community of heart-centered individuals whose purpose is to connect, nurture and be in service to one another, to our fellow human beings and to our planet. We serve as wheels within the greater wheel of conscious creation knowing that in service to one another we serve the greater good which returns us to our natural state of joy.

The Wheel of Conscious Creation is a powerful new paradigm ministry that doesn't require bricks and mortar to be successful. It's a ministry that is community-based, community-oriented and community-created.  It's a shift in consciousness to the "new church" - one that spirals outward across all organizations, has no borders, embraces all creeds and belief systems and selflessly listens and serves from the heart.